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We've all heard the cliche "Ok, boomer" and the stereotype "millennials are lazy."  GenX is known for award obsession, and GenZ is known for obsessing about "likes." When different generations coexist in an office space, how can we all get along?

No matter what generation we belong to, our environment conditioned us. To put this into perspective, my daughter watches Sesame Street, and in new episodes, Elmo often consults his smartphone friend, "Smarty."  For children her age, smartphones are a normal part of life. How will that shape her outlook on life?

In a work environment, my clients commonly voice frustration with generational differences.  Millennials complain about older folks who seem resistant to change, and older folks complain about younger "kids" who seem to need too much hand-holding. But, as we focus on differences, we miss opportunities to learn from each other's unique generational perspectives and the balance it can bring.

For this week's Coaching Challenge, try to acknowledge and appreciate your coworkers' needs and unique perspectives - no matter their generation. So, if your millennial teammates require a lot of affirmation, build more gratitude into your conversations. If your baby boomer teammates need more assurance that a change is necessary, try to appreciate the checks and balances they provide.

As we learn to appreciate each other's generational perspectives, our organizations will be enriched.

See you in two weeks,

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